The challenge was to market a specialty collection of masks that were design specifically for BuyCostumes by renowned sculptor and artist Mario Chiodo.   The creative team conceptualized and produced everything from the naming of the collection and masks to the tagline, logo design, photo style and marketing materials.

By conveying the impressive design, nature and quality of these costumes, retail creative exceeded expectations.  With spectacular photography and design that employed solid brand enforcement, supported by engaging copy and video, this series of masks generated unprecedented interest at the retail and trade show levels. 

The creative team successfully delivered a keenly targeted campaign that exploited the unique look and feel that these incredible masks demanded.  The campaign had deliverables which included brand positioning, photography, web designs, postcards, catalog blow-ins, several media events and full video support for each of the masks.

Art Direction: K Hakes, M Velez, S Mowry
Design: C Underwood
Copy: M Webber
Photography: E Johnson
Videography: J Anschutz

video support

mobile optimized

All pages for the collection were designed mobile-first.



The email campaign swapped out a different mask and tagline in timed intervals in order to get the greatest exposure to the breadth of the collection. 

print catalog:

The Nightmare Collection product description pages and gridview: